• African American Children’s Haircare

    When I had my son, one of the first things his father wanted to do was get him the best products for his hair. We both wanted to find products that would work well for African American Children, but we wanted to make sure to use natural products, gentle enough for babies that worked well for those with Natural Black Hair. I was clues less of course, beyond using ‘baby oil’ or ‘just for me’ products, I was lost. Of course in my housek, when we get stuck we go searching online so I quickly learned that ‘baby oil’ was a bad idea. It dries out the hair (so the hubby was right about NOT using).

    We’ve eventually began using Natures Natural Olive Oil, Natural Hair Oil on his hair when he was a few months old. I’ve listed other hair care products for Black Children on my Mahogany Momma’s website, but I will continue to add them on the ‘Natural Hairstyles Blog’, as well!

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  1. REX