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    I wish I could claim my story was different or profound, but it’s not. Like many young black girls, I reached a point in my life where I wanted to know what my real hair looked like. I went through the fake afro puff weaves, in an attempt not to chop it all off. I did the texturizers, trying to go for the not quite naturally curly look. I chopped it off and grew a little afro puff then chopped it off again! *Sigh* Like many sistas, I tried it all and hated most of it. Now I’m all locked up in my locs and I’m cool with that … for now.

    At this point, wherever the scissors take me… I’m natural for life. I decided to create this blog, (don’t expect me to write in it all the time) … just now and again when I find interesting natural hairstlyes to chat about and I find cool black hair products worth sharing. Truth be told, for a good portion of my Journey I had no one to show my anything so I felt clueless. If I can help fell natural sistas out there find hairstyles and hair care help, I’m all for that.

    This is the lighter, more natural side of me. LaShanda Henry, Natural Hairstyles Blog
    My Official URL: http://www.lashandahenry.com