• Tomoka’s Twists Give my Locs a New Look


    Tomoka’s Twists: Natural Hair Accessories perfect for your Locs, Twists, Pony tails, etc.

    Hey Guys, one of the perks of being the founder of Black Business Women Online is learning about so many wonderful Black Products & Services. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Carmen, creator of Tomoka’s Twists, fashionable and functional hair accessories. After watching a few of my youtube videos, she was delighted to find out that I had locks! A few days later, I also had Tomoka’s Painted Cowries – Twists, compliments of Carmen.

    I have to say I was alittle nervous about trying this new hair accessory. I love Carmen’s how-to videos, but I wasn’t sure it could work for me. Natural Ladies know what I’m talking about. We don’t have very many things that actually WORK for us, but I can honestly say that this one does! I’ve snapped my share of elastic bands trying to put my locks in one, but to my surprise, Tomoka’s Twists worked perfectly. I got my short locks to fit in a cute updo with no stress, no loose wrap or too tight head band. I usually wear head wraps or nothing at all, but since I got my Tomoka’s twists I’ve been sporting it all week. I had to run outside yesterday and it was so great to quickly pull my hair back in a cute pony tail.

    I love it Carmen and I’m sure all my natural ladies will too. Whether you got soft curly q’s or thick kinky locks like myself, you can get a nice, neat firm hold with this natural hair accessory. I need to get me some more.

    Visit Tomoka’s Twists to get one for yourself!
    Url: http://tomokastwists.etsy.com/
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  • You Don’t Have to Cut Your Dreadlocks!


    I was shocked when I saw this video. Natural Hair stylist Queen Goddess shows you how to take out your dread locks if your ready for a change! Most folks think you have to cut your locks and start from scratch, but I guess you don’t! This is good news for me, because I love my locks now, but when I want a change, it’s good to know I don’t have to start ALL over again.

  • Short Natural Hair Two Strand Twist


    I thought this was a cute Two Strand Twist hair style for Natural Sistas with short hair and a great tutorial to follow for beginners. I wish I found this one when my hair was short. I didn’t know what to do with it!

  • African American Children’s Haircare


    When I had my son, one of the first things his father wanted to do was get him the best products for his hair. We both wanted to find products that would work well for African American Children, but we wanted to make sure to use natural products, gentle enough for babies that worked well for those with Natural Black Hair. I was clues less of course, beyond using ‘baby oil’ or ‘just for me’ products, I was lost. Of course in my housek, when we get stuck we go searching online so I quickly learned that ‘baby oil’ was a bad idea. It dries out the hair (so the hubby was right about NOT using).

    We’ve eventually began using Natures Natural Olive Oil, Natural Hair Oil on his hair when he was a few months old. I’ve listed other hair care products for Black Children on my Mahogany Momma’s website, but I will continue to add them on the ‘Natural Hairstyles Blog’, as well!

  • I hope you are enjoying this blog!
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